Introducing the Advantage Series

We at Charter Homes & Neighborhoods are excited to announce a new series of floor plans called the Advantage Series. These floorplans aren’t simply new configurations of bedrooms and bathrooms—their design springs from the suggestions of Charter homeowners and prospective buyers (that means you!), our Living Design principles, and our design team’s innovative ability to bring better quality of life to the forefront.

What’s in a Name?

How did we come up with the name? The Advantage Series highlights something our Charter homeowners already know—we simply put more value into our homes. We here at Charter Homes know that today, more than ever, people care about spending wisely and getting more for their money.

To us, there are two trains of thought for navigating the economic crisis as a home builder—first, we could “value engineer” and take everything out of our home designs, then price the home low and force the homebuyer to pay extra for everything that makes a home great. Then there’s our way of thinking—add more value to a home and price it fairly.

That’s the Charter Advantage—a Charter home comes standard with premium features like recessed lighting, brushed nickel fixtures, kitchen islands, an 8-foot insulated basement, and top of the line flooring and cabinetry.

Additionally, we’ve held true to our design principle to increase natural light by keeping our generously sized, energy efficient windows. In ‘value engineered’ homes, the windows are usually the first thing to go.  When you compare our features apples to apples with other builders, you get more for your money with Charter Homes—plus a better quality of life!

Really? Better Quality of Life?

Let’s face it—some homes just don’t let you live well. Think of boxy rooms with one small window and one way in and out. Think of row after row of “builder beige”, stripped-down houses.  Then, compare that to the Advantage Series. We think elements like open floorplans, natural light and great sight lines matter—and they help you live better in your home.  Check out our post on our Living Design principles to find out more about these features and how they can make your home better.

In Charter Homes’ effort to be a good steward to the environment, all of our homes are Energy Star Certified. Against a resale, a Charter home will save you hundreds every year on your utility bills—and you can live better knowing you’re in an environmentally friendly home.

Of course, our quality of life offering doesn’t stop at your front door—we offer neighborhoods that look great, that are close to work and play, that offer more green space with professionally designed landscaping, and that include innovative features like our TerraParks (Pennsylvania’s only natural playgrounds!).

Where to Find the Advantage Series

Advantage Series homes can be found in most of our current neighborhoods. Designs for single family homes start at $169,990. That’s right, $169,990 for single family homes that with a basement, garage, spacious kitchens and lots of other premium items typically not offered at that price by other builders. To find out more, send an email to or call us at 800-325-3030.