Why So Blue?!

Our Take on this Season’s Hottest Color

Guest Post by Veronica, Charter Colors Stylist

Navy, French Blue, Peacock, Robin’s Egg, Cobalt; what’s all the BLUE about!?  BLUE is back and it’s reinvented in a big way. Every crisp beautiful variation of BLUE you can imagine has flooded the home goods and fashion industry in 2010 with limitless options. When it came time to decide on the palette for our summer parade home entry in Lancaster, the direction was clear; we were going BLUE!

When I received the drawings for the Veranda Parade home, it reminded me of something out of Georgetown mixed with Southern Living.  How perfect!


A shot of the exterior of our award-winning Parade home.

First, I decided on a more traditional feel in the living and dining rooms. What better way to dress the room up than adding trim?  So, we developed a tall wainscot trim and painted the drywall above the wainscot in both rooms. I also went out on a ledge and played up a paint color in the tray ceiling…why not?  It made the trays seem as though they were never ending.  If you are looking for a splash of color and your tray ceilings are still white, PAINT THEM!!!


Looking for a way to make your tray ceilings pop? Paint them!

The deep Gale Force BLUE (from Sherwin Williams) ended up being a very dramatic yet stately move in the Dining room. Darker tones are never wrong in a Dining room, as it creates a more intimate atmosphere.


Gale Force Blue from Sherwin Williams - If you are thinking about going bold in your own dining room, just go for it!

In the Living room, the key was to stay light and bright.   So, I stuck to my tried and true Grecian Ivory.  In both rooms the tray ceilings were Silvermist, the most beautiful spa BLUE ever.  I pulled the color down to the floor by coordinating it with the silk window panels.  Keeping these two constants in both rooms flowed beautifully from one to the other with the open floor plan.


Grecian Ivory by Sherwin Williams - Tried and True!

Because the study had glass doors and was visible from the front Living and Dining rooms, it was able to be a showcase of sorts.  I love black trim, so this was the perfect opportunity to play around because it allowed a level of formality but was still closed off.  The walls pulled the paint color over from the Dining room to keep the balance and, you guessed it, BLUE through the home.


Pulling in the BLUE yet again - and highlighting the ceiling!

When it came time to accessorize, finding the right pieces was easy!  It was all about staying with blue and white pottery, and balancing those pieces with whites and neutrals.  Seashells, Coral, River Rocks, Sea Glass, and Silks, such as Peonies and Orchids, are always out of the ordinary finds that make great conversation pieces in any room.  Also, the best way to go with upholstery is neutral, and then you can swap out the pillows for a different feel.  The only exception is for those few focal points where the perfect fabric makes the whole space.  Note the upholstered chairs on either side of the Dining room sideboard, the crazy wing chair in the Lifespace, as well as the settee in the study!


LifeSpace at the Veranda Parade Home - and a peek at our furniture choices!

So, there you have it, the reason why I’m so BLUE…

What do you think?  Are you loving this season’s blues?  What color palettes are inspiring YOU?


Veronica works with our Charter homebuyers to help them choose the best interior options here at our state-of-the-art design center, Charter Colors.  A free design consultation is included with every Charter home.