Great Home Design Basics: A Guide to Living Design

When you’re shopping for a new home, you’ll often hear from builders that they offer the best designs, the trendiest floorplans, and the most stylish homes. While builders are constantly generating new floorplans, renaming rooms and coming up with catchy slogans, you may be asking – what does great home design really mean for me and my family?

Here at Charter Homes, we believe that design has one essential purpose – it provides the framework to help you live well. As you shop for your new home, ask yourself – “Is this home designed with my life in mind?” We’ve boiled down great home design to four essential elements that ensure that you’ll enjoy every moment you spend in your new space. We call it Living Design™.

Let’s dig in to the four fundamental architectural principles that Charter Homes uses to make your home a better place to live.

Natural Light

There’s a reason people love lots of windows – natural light makes you and your home feel better. Natural light makes your new home look bigger, warmer and more inviting. What’s more, extra daylight coming into your home means you can cut down on your use of artificial lighting. The bottom line: A well-designed home offers generously sized windows everywhere they can add natural light and attractive views without restricting your privacy.


Great Spaces

A well-designed home includes thoughtfully-designed spaces that reflect the way you live.  A great home design offers lots of wall space and intuitive traffic flow, adapting to your needs and your furniture.  Open floor plans don’t just look great – they allow the whole family to spend time in a common space and are great for entertaining.  Thoughtfully placed closets and bathrooms cushion noise and give you a greater sense of privacy.


Sight Lines

Good design makes your home feel more spacious from every vantage point. When you walk into the front door of a well-designed home, the doors, windows and entryways are positioned to provide beautiful views throughout.  Walls that cut off the flow between cooking, gathering and living spaces make your home feel smaller, while a direct view from the front entryway to the back wall maximizes your space and gives your home an airy, open feel. When combined with natural light, great sight lines bring the beauty of nature into view, too.



Let’s face it: a home is a huge investment.  With that in mind, we believe that your home should be designed on a solid architectural foundation, not the latest fads and facades. Well-designed homes reflect the heritage of the town around them, and feel like they’ve always been part of the landscape.


Living Design – the Fifth Element

Natural Light, Great Spaces, Sight Lines, and Timelessness – here at Charter, we believe these are the four key elements of great home design. However, there’s one final, key element that we know makes a home design great – you. Do you dream every night about a home with an English Garden Room or a 3-car, side load garage?  Does the thought of a gourmet kitchen or a jetted tub make you swoon? The final step to great home design should be all about you – your opportunity to choose from a range of options, features and upgrades. When you’re building your dream home, the ability to add your own personal touch to the floor plans and finishing options are what moves the needle from great design to something even better – design you love.

Charter believes it’s the home builder’s role to provide the palette – great spaces, thoughtful floor plans, quality construction, outstanding value – and then help you, the home buyer, add the touches that make your home 100% unique – and 100% you. At Charter Homes, our home buyers work with neighborhood sales managers to choose from an array of structural options that fit their life and their needs. Once these options are chosen, we provide a free design consultation with our expert interior designer at Charter Colors.


As you consider buying a new home, don’t forget to ask yourself: how do you want your home to make you feel?  At Charter Homes, we work to combine our Living Design architectural elements with custom touches that make your home your own, so that the answer to that question is simple: “I love my home”. To us, that’s what great design is all about.