Fresh and Bold: Design Ideas from Deer Run

Guest Post by Veronica Search, our Award-Winning Charter Colors Stylist

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The inspiration behind the Deer Run Commons Parade Home was to keep things fresh, crisp, and airy. This beautiful home received plenty of accolades at this year’s Parade of Homes, including Best Interior, Best Exterior, Best Master Bath Suite, Best Decorated & Best Kitchen! As promised, don’t miss our great Sherwin Williams paint colors at the end of this post.


The award-winning exterior of our Deer Run Commons Parade Home.

The windows are so stunning in the space – I wanted to bring the sky indoors by playing up the natural light and using a light aqua color in the main areas of the home.  I emphasized the openness of the floorplan’s “LifeSpace” by keeping the color continuous throughout the dining, cooking and living areas. The accent color I tried to maintain through the house was a tomato red, an unexpected accent to the aqua blue that keeps the space from being too monochromatic.

The kitchen was easy to decorate, as designer features like ‘Tropical Brown’ granite and lovely birch cabinets come standard with this Carson floorplan. Click here to see the floorplan brochure as you walk through the home with me.


The light blue walls emphasize the large, dramatic windows, and the red accents provide a pleasant counterpoint in this open floorplan.

The key was to keep all furnishings throughout the LifeSpace very neutral to let the walls and the natural light do the talking.  The window panels and upholstery are all variations of cream and ivory, leaving the accent colors on just the throw pillows and a few accessories. The balance of the soft blues and neutrals with the bold accents makes the space relaxing and light, but never bland.


The layout of the furniture emphasizes the beautiful sight lines in the home - I was careful not to block the views!

The guest room is a fun deviation from the aqua, leaving the neutrals and red to do the talking.  I had a lot of fun with the textures in this room – from the fun pillow textiles to the intricate wall art, the room provides an eclectic mix that feels young and hip. My favorite piece in the whole home may be the lamp on the desk – be sure to take note when you swing by to visit!


In the guest bedroom, I incorporated the red accents more liberally to provide a bolder, funkier variation of the home's theme.

In the master bedroom, I switched from a gentle blue color to a very moody, dramatic navy.  I maintained the red accents from the rest of the home by pulling it into the bedding and lounge chair.  Don’t miss the fabulous sunburst mirror over the bed – this round, sculptural piece adds a touch of luxury and is a nice reference back to all the light in the home!  The ivory panels on the windows maintain lightness in the space and lift it up from being too dark.  Don’t worry, though – it’s hard to go too dark in a bedroom.  Most people spend time in their bedrooms at night, when the walls comfortably envelop you in their depth, and spend their days in the lighter, airier living space.


I love the bold red chair in this room - it adds a touch of fun and creates a great spot for reading and relaxing after a hard day's work.

Love the paint colors in our Parade Home? In response to the many requests for our colors, I’m including them below!

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