Video Tours on Your Cell Phone! Charter Homes Introduces QR Codes

We at Charter Homes are proud to introduce our latest technology innovation: QR Codes!

Unlock our Ready Now Homes – Anytime!

These days, mobile phones seem to do just about everything, right?  Charter Homes’ new QR codes make your smartphone even smarter: our codes let you unlock video tours of our Ready Now Homes. We are the first builder in Central Pennsylvania to use this technology, meaning we’re at the cutting edge of making your home search more convenient!


Our QR code signs are popping up in front of our Ready Now Homes across Central Pennsylvania to make your homebuying experience interactive - and more fun!

What is a QR code, anyway?

Nope, it’s not a “Magic Eye” picture – a QR code is a small barcode that, when scanned via a smartphone, takes you directly to online content.  QR codes are popping up everywhere – in magazines, on grocery items, even on billboards in Times Square!

Charter Homes’ QR codes take you directly to a video tour of your favorite Ready Now Home – giving you interior and exterior video, home details, and neighborhood information quickly and conveniently.


This QR code sends you to a video tour of 1441 Drake Lane in our Veranda neighborhood.

How do I use it?

Convenient QR code signs are located in front of each of our Ready Now Homes. To read the QR code, simply download a free QR code reader to your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other smartphone (the latest version of Blackberry messenger even comes standard with a QR reader), then open the program and “scan” the QR code. Then, like magic, you’ll immediately directed to a video tour – just press play!

Why QR Codes?

The home buying market has changed substantially in recent years. Currently, approximately 90% of homebuyers begin their search online. Here at Charter Homes, our goal is to make your homebuying experience fun and convenient – so we’re making our great video tours available wherever you are.


This townhome on Keniath Street at Florin Hill is available for a video tour whenever you want!

Try it – you know you’re curious!

Go ahead and give it a try. Using your smartphone, download a free QR code reader and use the program to scan the QR code and see inside a home in our gorgeous MillCreek neighborhood.


Use this code to "unlock" our Ready Now Home on Great Lawn Circle in MillCreek!

Okay, but what if I don’t have a smartphone?

No problem! Just stop by a Charter Homes neighborhood – our QR code signs also have convenient text message codes that allow you to access our video tours, sign up for email updates, or even connect with a sales manager.  You can even try it now - text CHARTER1 to the number 84700 and you’ll be provided with lots of information and tools for our Ready Now Home in MillCreek.

If you’re not out and about, you can also access our Video Tours at home at  Give these QR codes a try and tell us what you think!