How Tall Should Your Bathroom Vanity Be?

Save Your Back Some Stress with an Extra Tall Vanity!

Did you know that 30” is the typical height of a vanity?  To help you visualize, this standard 30″ size is about as tall as the average kitchen table – simply too short for most people to use comfortably. Rather than going through the hassle of upgrading or adding a toe kick when you buy a resale home, or paying to upgrade to a tall vanity in a new home, why not choose a builder who offers a comfort height vanity standard?


Every Charter home comes standard with Comfort Height Vanities which are 35” tall. Trust us – that extra height makes all the difference.

Let’s visualize the benefits of taller “comfort height” vanities for a moment:

  • No more doubling over to brush your teeth.
  • Items on your vanity are more comfortably within reach.
  • Taller vanities offer more storage space in larger cabinets underneath.
  • Your bathroom simply looks better with the extra”stature”!

To find out more about making this detail yours in a Charter Home, visit aCharter neighborhood or contact us!