Closet Doors Primer: Swing Open Closet Doors Mean More Space, Lower Maintenance


Open, Sesame! All About Swing Open Closet Doors

There are many different types of closet doors – today we’ll show you why we think swing open doors are a low maintenance alternative to other closet door styles – and why you’ll love the bonus storage space they provide!

Sliding (Bypass) Closet Doors

Traditional sliding closet doors have two or more door panels that slide on a roller track.  These “bypass” closet doors are usually two standard door panels suspended from a track with two rails—one in front of the other. The doors are slightly offset so they can overlap.

The drawbacks:

Limited access. Since sliding closet doors can’t be fully opened, you’ll never be able to access your whole closet all at once.

Don’t Get Off Track! Sliding doors have an unfortunate tendency to “jump” off their tracks. This can lead to frustration and even potential injury or property damage, as the doors may fall freely outward or inward.

Difficult to Repair. Sliding doors may need special attention to repair due to issues with roller alignment.

Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold closet doors fold open and shut to give you access to your closet. These doors add a bit of convenience to the traditional sliding closet doors by allowing you to access your whole closet all at once.

The drawbacks:

Easy to Break. Bi-fold doors don’t always open smoothly (especially in a carpeted bedroom). Sometimes they stick on their tracks, requiring you to tug and pull to get the door open. One aggressive tug and you can pull the door straight off its tracks. The tracks and rollers on bifold doors are prone to stress and can be easily pushed out of alignment – leaving you with a door that’s stuck!

High Maintenance. The bifold doors style requires regular maintenance and check-up to avoid track and roller trouble and rusted hinges. Frequent oil applications are needed to make the operation run smoothly – and to avoid the noisy creaking common to bifold doors.

The Alternative: Swing Open Closet Doors

Now, we’ll show you why we opt for a better alternative: Swing Open Closet Doors.

Why They Work

More. Accessible. Space. Our Swing Open Closet doors open up your entire closet, all at once. Access to 100% of the closet space means you can use 100% of the space for storage! Oh, and a bonus – Swing Open Doors give you extra storage space for a shoe rack, mirror or purse rack on the back of your doors!

Easy to Open. Swing Open Doors are a breeze to open – let’s face it, we can all do without the tugging, pulling or sliding of other doors styles.

Lower Maintenance. Rather than relying on a track system, our Swing Open Closet Doors are built on a full jamb and are attached with three heavy duty hinges. Just think how many times you open your closet each day – don’t you want your doors to be durable?

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