Top 10 Reasons to Buy a New Home Instead of a Resale

Buying a new home comes with countless benefits for home buyers, from health advantages to money saving features. Here’s our take on the “new versus resale” home debate:

  1. Healthy and CLEAN– Let’s face it: no one wants to live in a stranger’s cleaning habits – especially when it comes to areas like your bathroom or kitchen. A resale home can contain many health risks, including:
    • Toxic materials: Resale homes can contain asbestos in shingles, floor tiles, insulation  or ceilings. Older homes also carry the risk of toxic lead in paint and formaldehyde in wood. Even newer resale homes can contain health hazards like pet dander and  “thirdhand smoke” – a lingering toxic residue that can harm children.
    • Dirty carpets: Resale homes contain used carpets that are full of dust, dirt, nail clippings, hair and even toxins. Studies have shown that carpets can hold up to eight times their weight in toxins, dust, dirt, and pesticides without any visible sign that something is wrong. The dirt trapped in carpets can cause allergies and eczema – especially if the carpet is plush or shag.
    • Old plumbing: Used homes come with pipes that have years of baggage. Don’t forget about water quality – homes built before 1986 have significantly elevated risks of lead in drinking water due to the use of lead pipes, fixtures and soldering.
  2. A Better Mortgage Rate – When you finance through our preferred lender Eaton Mortgage, you can take advantage of historically low mortgage rates – made even lower by incentives that simply aren’t available to resale buyers.
  3. Great Style and Design – Why purchase a dated design and inherit someone else’s decorating tastes? New homes have evolved to better suit the needs of today’s buyers than the homes of 10, 20 and 30 years ago. Larger rooms, more spacious closets, open floorplans, updated kitchens, and energy efficient features are difficult and expensive to replicate in a resale home. Plus, modern appointments like extra large windows, custom cabinetry, kitchen islands and sleek new appliances ensure your home will look great.
  4. Lower Maintenance Costs – Your new home will need far fewer repairs and replacements than a resale home. Sure, you could always “fix up” a resale – but when you add it up, a new roof, a fresh coat of paint, updated siding, and repairing years of wear and tear can easily negate any “savings” you see in the initial purchase price. When you buy a resale home, home inspections may miss hidden defects that show up one or two years down the road.  A new Charter Home is simply designed for lower maintenance, with more durable building materials, low-E windows that protect your home’s interior, and poured concrete foundation walls that protect your home from water and pests.
  5. Energy Efficiency – As energy standards become more rigorous, new homes are becoming more efficient than resale homes every day. Our Energy Star-certified homes actually go above and beyond current energy standards, and feature tighter insulation, energy efficient windows, and green certified heating and cooling systems (just to name a few!). The bottom line? You’ll pay 20-30% less each month in energy costs, and avoid the high costs of retrofitting a resale home and replacing energy-guzzling appliances!
  6. Customized for YOU – Choosing to build a new home allows you to pick so much more than your favorite home site. When you purchase a new construction home, you get to pick the options and finishes that make your home reflect your unique style and fit how you live. From the flooring to the appliances, the bathroom to the kitchen, opting for a Charter Home lets you can choose from a stylish array of finishing touches and the latest in structural options. Your living space should reflect your taste and your lifestyle!
  7. Peace of Mind – A Charter Home comes with a feature that you won’t find in any resale home – our warranty. You can rest assured that  your new home will be protected against costly repairs and replacements by not one, but several warranties – a builder’s warranty on workmanship; product warranties for items like appliances, water heater and fixtures, and long term warranties on items like siding.
  8. Safety – A new home includes fire-safety features that aren’t included in properties built years ago. Fire retardant carpeting and insulation make your home a safer place – and hard-wired smoke detectors with battery backups mean you’ll never have to worry about your battery-operated smoke detector failing when you need it most.
  9. The Best Locations – Buying a new home allows you to “cherry pick” from the best locations. Our neighborhoods are planned to let you Live Well, with green space, walking trails, attractive streetscapes, sought-after school districts, and nearby amenities like shopping, dining, recreation and transportation corridors. Why compromise?
  10. Your Home, Your Builder – In a resale home, you often don’t know how a home was built or who built it – which can lead to unpleasant surprises down the road.  With a new Charter Home, you know that your home is built to the highest construction standards – and you’ll be able to witness your home being built every step of the way!