New Year, New Fitness Challenge

While you’ll usually hear from us about neighborhood news or new home style, we wanted to throw in a twist to celebrate the New Year – we hope you enjoy this peek into the fun and fitness enjoyed by employees at Charter Homes!

Walk to Warmer Weather Challenge

Exercise more. Eat Better. Be nicer to others. Finding a New Year resolution is usually not too hard. Keeping it, on the other hand, can be an entirely different story! Motivation is hard, results take time and well, and change is hard.

So, what happens when you take a typical New Year’s Resolution and throw in a little competition between co-workers? That is what the team at Charter Homes is about to find out. Starting yesterday, more than 45 of us clipped on a pedometer and started a competition called the ‘Walk to Warm Weather Challenge.’ Our teams of five are striving hard to see who can accumulate enough steps to “walk” to San Antonio, Texas first. This challenge is hardly small potatoes – the warmth of San Antonio is 1,688 miles away, or 3,376,000 steps!


Charter Homes Team Members Show Off Their Pedometer Pride!

At three days in, the enthusiasm is up. In the lunchroom, several employees can be overheard chatting about trying to get our spouses to walk with us and fitting in an extra walk for the dog.

Of course, in the spirit of competition, we all can’t help but compare our steps walked – here is a chart we found to measure how well we are doing.

Steps Per Day and Lifestyle Type:

Under 5000              “sedentary lifestyle”

5,000-7,499             “low active”

7,500-9,999             “somewhat active.”

10,000-12,499          “active”

12,500-?????            “highly active”

Most Charter Homes employees were surprised by how many steps they were taking each day – for better or worse! Many of us were sad to learn that we are low-active – but at least it gives us a challenge to strive for! One of us, a busy mom and talented dog walker, was shocked when she walked 17,000 steps on the first day. She turned in her pedometer for a new one thinking that maybe the first one was broken!

We’ll keep the blog updated periodically as the teams progress to our warm destination—Texas. Here’s to hoping a little competition helps keep the “exercise more” resolution achievable here at Charter Homes!

Was exercising regularly one of your New Year’s Resolutions? What are you doing to stay fit during the New Year? We’d love to hear your stories and see your photos – we’ll even feature them on our blog! Tell us, and we’ll give away a free pedometer to the creator of our favorite submission!

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy New Year from all of us at Charter Homes!