We Won and Now it’s Time for Some Fun!

Facebook Challenge Begins Today

Win a Starbucks Gift Card!

Charter Homes is a proud recipient of the 2011 National Housing Quality Award – the home building industry’s most coveted honor. Now, we’ve received our trophy, and it’s time to share the fun with you! Our award trophy will be taking a “victory lap” around Charter Homes neighborhoods – and our Facebook fans get to be winners too!

How to Win

We’ll be posting photos of our award hanging out in several neighborhoods over the coming weeks – and the first person to correctly identify which neighborhood the award is in on Facebook wins a $10 Starbucks gift card! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details – the fun begins today!


Where in the world will our award show up next? "Fan" us on Facebook to find out!

National Housing Quality Award Banquet

Last week, during the International Builder’s show, a few representatives from the Charter Homes team were on hand to receive our 2011 National Housing Quality Award.


It was a great event hosting by our new friends at Professional Builder Magazine. Fun fact: nationally, only 62 builders have won the award!

Like we said in our first blog about the win, it’s a serious award. Now, with award in hand, it’s time to have some serious fun!