Choosing the Best Energy Efficient Windows in Your New Home

Making Your New Home Greener with Energy Efficient Windows

Shopping for a new home, and interested in making your home greener with energy efficient windows? Overwhelmed by all the green features offered by builders? We’re here to help!

Here’s a quick guide to what you should look for when choosing energy efficient features in your new home:

The basics:

Look for double pane windows – with two panes on your window, the inside pane stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer for maximum comfort. That’s more layers of protection between you and the changing weather!


Wondering how Low E windows can help you go green – or even what Low E windows are? Low E windows have a special coating that keeps hot air inside during the winter, and keeps cool air indoors in the summer – meaning you can go green and save on the costs of heating and cooling your home at the same time! Low E windows also reduce UV rays and solar radiation, meaning your home’s interior will 75% more protected from fading and damage (think of what the sun does to your furniture, floors and window treatments over time!) – and your family will be more protected too!

High quality energy efficient windows also include welded vinyl mainframes and sashes, which provide maximum durability and reduce the potential for condensation. Essentially, the vinyl mainframe makes your energy efficient window extra tough, strong and long lasting. And who wants condensation and wet windows in their home, anyway?

Keep it Simple – Choose Energy Star®!


If you choose a home that is Energy Star certified, you can be confident that you’re making the right choice in energy efficient windows! Energy Star certified windows (like the ones included FREE by Charter Homes) offer significant energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by taking advantage of the features described above. What does this mean for your wallet? By choosing Energy Star certified windows, you’ll reduce your energy bill up to 15%- saving you anywhere from $125-465 per year in energy costs!

Interested in building green?


Every new Charter Home is Energy Star certified – which means every Charter Home includes energy efficient, double paned Low E windows packed with the features mentioned above – and lots of other green features! Find out more about our Energy Star program here – or contact us to ask a question!