Sight Lines in Your New Home: A Living Design Primer


At Charter Homes, we create each new home design based on four guiding principles that we call Living Design. These principles include Natural Light, Great Spaces, Timelessness and Sight Lines  – because we believe great design ensures you’ll Live Well in your home.

Now, we’re taking off our “jargon hats” and sharing our design principles with our readers. We’ve already created an infographic sharing the elements that make our home designs Timeless – check it out here. Now, come along as we share the fundamentals of great Sight Lines!

What are Sight Lines?

A sight line, or “line of sight” is the line extending from your eye to the objects you view. Just like an interesting photograph, a great sight line offers aforeground, middle ground and background – leading the eye through multiple points of interest. Here’s a great example of sight lines using a landscape from Walden‘s TerraPark:


See how the photograph has a foreground (the bushes and rocks), a middle ground (the sandy area and rock wall) and a background (the Walden Model Home, other Walden Homes, and the sky)? These encourage the viewer to enjoy multiple parts of the photo and lead the eye back to the horizon.

Great Sight Lines in Your Home

Okay, you may ask, but what does this have to do with homes? Just like an interesting photograph, a great sight line in your home shows you multiple rooms and views.

Of course, great sight lines are not included in every home – many resale and new homes don’t include great views throughout the home. A poor sight line might be short, cramped or dark (say, in a dark hallway, a closed off room or a bedroom with no windows). Even if a home offers lots of square footage, when rooms are “boxed off” from one another, they feel smaller and only allow you to enjoy one part of your home at a time.

Now, let’s take a look at what makes a sight line great in a new home. A great sight line is long, open and bright, like this:


Notice how you can see the foyer, living room, conservatory AND the outdoors in our Veranda Parade Home? This sight line has a foreground(the foyer), a middle ground (the living room) and a background (the conservatory opening up to outdoors). This home (like all our homes) was designed so that rooms are open to one another – so that your sight line extends between multiple rooms and makes the home look bigger.

Imagine how much smaller this home would feel if the foyer was walled off from the living room or if you didn’t have a view of the outdoor space. When we design our homes for great sight lines, we think that careful placement of doors and windows makes all the difference.

Just look at this Jackson floorplan from our Heritage Strasburg 55+ Neighborhood. See how your view extends all the way from the front porch to the great room, kitchen, breakfast area and outdoor living space? That’s a whole lot of sight line, enhancing the home’s open, spacious feel!


We design each Charter Home to include great sight lines throughout the home – no matter the price point. Check out the Deer Run Commons Parade Home (these Carson home designs start at just $159,990!):


In this home, your sight line includes the kitchen island, the great room, and the outdoors – thanks to the extra tall windows included in these homes!

Thanks for joining us on this quick tour of sight lines. See our great sight lines for yourself by visiting one of our model homes today!