Always Get More Detail #3: Extra Tall Ceilings


Does an extra foot really make a difference? Our Design team thinks so! Walk into any Charter home and you will feel the difference that our “super tall” ceilings make.

Benefits of 9 Foot Ceilings in Your New Home:

Your home feels airy and big. When you walk into the foyer of a Charter home it will feel more open and bigger. Don’t believe us: do the front door test.

Wait, the what? You heard us right, the front door test. Open up a resale or competitor’s home with standard 8’ ceilings and step into the foyer. Just look around and get a sense of what you see and how you feel. Next walk into any Charter home. Words can’t adequately describe the difference.


The Windsor Meadows Model Home definitely passes the "Front Door Test"!

More storage space. It’s especially true in the kitchen. Extra tall ceilings mean taller cabinets and that means more storage space for you.


Higher Ceilings means more storage space in your cabinets!

It’s standard. There are some things that just should not be compromised, and one of them is how you feel in your home. It should feel open, inviting, and spacious. Plus, have confidence knowing that you bought a great value that did not cost any extra.

To find out more about making this detail yours in a Charter Home, visit aCharter neighborhood or contact us!