Always Get More Detail #34: Extra Tall Baseboards


Don’t Compromise on Character: Get Two Times Larger Baseboards in a Charter Home

Let’s face it: sometimes great design isn’t all about functionality – it’s about what looks fabulous in your home. One of the best comments we ever heard from a potential Charter homeowner came during a Parade of Homes open house. He said, “Your homes feel like an old home but with all of the benefits of a new one.”

Today, let’s take a look at that intersection between old and new. One of the frequently mentioned features new home buyers love in historic homes is the trim – like extra tall baseboards. More extensive & elegant trim work is a signature of older homes, and is often associated with higher cost and higher quality homes. Once known as “mop boards” that allowed the servants to mop up to the edges of floors without getting the walls wet, baseboards now serve a more fun everyday purpose – protecting the intersection of your floor and your wall and hey, just looking good.

Our design team loves character-filled details like baseboards, and we want to make sure your home looks great – so we include extra tall (two times larger!) baseboard in every Charter Home.

Benefits of Extra Tall Baseboards in Your New Home:

Many home builders are cutting out molding details like baseboards (or making you pay extra!) to save on their bottom line. Typical baseboards installed by most builders today are “bare minimum” – so small that they go entirely unnoticed. Our baseboards are two times larger than typical “builder” baseboards – giving your home a finished, well-crafted, expensive feel. Tall baseboards give your rooms depth, definition and character – showing that your builder cared enough to get the details right.


Another reason baseboards are important? Extra tall baseboards look great with the higher ceilings included in our homes. Rather than cutting corners by putting in tiny baseboards, our extra large baseboards are more in proportion with the height and scale of the room.


To find out more about making this detail yours in a Charter Home, visit a Charter neighborhood or contact us!