Detached “Carriage House” Garage at the Veranda Parade Home

2012 Design Ideas – Detached Third Car Garage

“Carriage House” Concept Open for Viewing Saturday at our Veranda Parade Home!


A three car garage is an often-requested feature on new homes – whether for storage space, an extra vehicle, or a workspace for the home. At this year’sVeranda Parade Home (opening this Saturday as part of the Central PA Parade of Homes), we’ve taken the idea one step further, and created a detached third garage space.


Call it a carriage house. Or a man cave. Hey, you can even call it the “dog house”. No matter how you term it, an extra detached garage offers all the convenience of a traditional garage, plus the flexibility to turn the space into your own private retreat.

Inspired by the “carriage houses” of the early 20th Century, we’ve create a new option for the extra garage space you’re looking for. Our designers don’t just create floor plans and rooms: they are passionate about crafting spaces that are flexible, inspiring, and yes, fun. Just imagine using this space for your latest home project, for working on your vintage car, or as an inspiring studio space for expressing your creative side!


Don’t just take our word for it – stop by and see the detached garage in action starting this Saturday at the 2011 Central PA Parade of Homes! For more information about the Lancaster area Parade of Homes, or for directions to Veranda, click here.