Bathroom Vanity Furniture at the Veranda Parade Home

2012 Design Ideas – Bathroom Vanity Furniture

Come See the Spectacular Master Bathroom Starting Saturday at our Veranda Parade Home!


Bathrooms are an often-overlooked space for expressing your unique sense of style. One of our favorite 2012 design trends is bathroom vanity furniture, like this gorgeous vanity sink furniture in our Veranda Parade Home‘s master bathroom. Vanity furniture offers storage and counter space, and gives your bathroom vanity style and character to spare.


This striking bathroom vanity furniture provides plenty of counter space, and gives your space both character and functionality.

The master bathroom vanity features a Kohler Wading Pool “Watercove”  sink, featuring a stylish, simple design that Kohler describes as “distinct enough to form the centerpiece of a bathroom yet versatile to complement a wide range of home décor”. We love how the shallow basin is wide enough to prevent accidental countertop splashes!



Stop by and see the master bathroom vanity in action starting this Saturday at the 2011 Central PA Parade of Homes! For more information about the Lancaster area Parade of Homes, or for directions to Veranda, click here.