Conservatory at the Veranda Parade Home – Two Rooms in One!

2012 Design Ideas – Repurposing a Space to Create Multiple Rooms


One of the favorite rooms of visitors to our Veranda Parade Home was the Conservatory. Many of our gentleman visitors enjoyed the innovative Brewmaster Fan, while the ladies often loved the abundance of natural light. However, one feature was complimented by both genders: our “two rooms in one” approach gave the large Conservatory space a homey, multipurpose feel.


What We Did

Rather than use the Conservatory as a single, large room, we divided it into two spaces. A traditional game table gave the front side of the room a “clubby”, gentleman’s room vibe – complimented by the fact that the table actually transforms into a poker table when the cover is flipped!


On the rear side of the room, we created a sitting area perfect for laid back conversations or relaxing with a good book. Centering the sitting room furniture around the large rug helps to separate the sitting area from the game table space.


Why It Works

We craft the “great spaces” in our new homes to be attractive, flexible and useful at the same time. Without a spacious, bright space to begin with, creating two rooms would have made the space feel cluttered and cramped.

In the Conservatory, the two separate entrances contribute to the “two room” feel. To balance this, the high ceilings, large windows and transom window panels above the Conservatory entryways keep the space open, light and airy.

Oh, and a bonus: many people see a room with a wall of windows and think of a temperature nightmare – but not in our new homes! The energy efficient, double paned Low E windows prevent furniture fading and temperature swings while keeping your energy costs much lower than on older homes.

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