Foyer Style Ideas from the Veranda Parade Home

2012 Design Ideas – Making ‘Room’ in the Foyer


Regardless of your decorating style, your foyer or entryway can make a dramatic “opening statement” about your home when you and your guests enter. At the Veranda Parade Home, we worked to create a foyer that conveyed openness, warmth and a bright, airy feel.


Veranda Parade Home Foyer

What We Did

At the Veranda Parade Home, the two story, open foyer offers striking views of the study, living room, conservatory and kitchen. However, true to our design principles, we also wanted the foyer space to be useful and flexible. In the Veranda Parade Home, the foyer is also its own “room”, with plenty of usable space.


We designed the foyer space so that it offers a “seating nook” ready for you to welcome guests or slip on a pair of shoes on the way out the front door.  The additional wall space created by the turn of the stairway lets you add your own personal flair to the entryway.

The best part? Turning the foyer’s stairway “nook” area into a sitting area encourages you to stop and enjoy the space, rather then relegating the foyer to a “pass-through” space.


Why It Works

We started the dramatic look of the foyer all the way back at the drafting of the Wellesley floorplan. We laid out the home to create long, attractive sight lines to give the home an open feel and to make the entryway dramatic. To enhance the airy, bright feel, we included windows in and above the large front door. The two story foyer and open tread stairways contribute to the open feel.

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