Bring Nature Inside Your Home

2012 Design Ideas – Bringing the Outdoors In


One of our favorite compliments ever: a homeowner at our Preserve neighborhood loves how her home brings the outdoors in throughout the year. She loves her floor to ceiling windows in the winter, because she and her daughter can sit on the floor and still see outside – making it feel like they’re playing outdoors even when it’s too cold! (You can see her video testimonial here.) In this post, we’ll share how (and why!) we create this “next to nature feel” in the homes we build.

At our Veranda Parade Home, visitors loved the extra tall windows we featured in the Conservatory. Here’s a quick look at how (and why) we used the windows in this room to give the space a natural, outdoors feel.


What We Did

Let’s start with the basics – we placed a LOT of windows in the Conservatory at Veranda. Of course, they’re not your average windows – they’re extra tall, extra wide windows, and we place them in groups so as to maximize the natural light coming in. The high ceilings at Veranda make the whole “outdoors feel” possible by creating the space for these tall, dramatic windows – and for all the light they bring into the home!

We used the paint colors in this room to enhance the “next to nature” vibe created by the multitude of windows. On the walls, the deep, rich Sherwin Williams Enduring Bronze was used to “trick” the eye into looking outdoors. By placing a dark color next to such bright windows, the eye continues right past the walls to outside through the windows, rather than focusing in on a bright, flashy wall color.


The dark, neutral walls encourage the eye to continue on to the outdoor space!

The decor in the Conservatory gives the space a “safari vibe” – from the unique Brewmaster fans to the multitude of green plants. Note that the only elements in the room that “obstruct” the view of the outdoors are the plants – adding to the natural, green feel of the room. By removing the visual blocks from the room, you feel just steps away from being outside.


Why It Works

From any angle, floor to ceiling windows provide tons of natural light and feel bright, warm and exciting. Rooms with abundant natural light don’t just look great  – they make you happier and ensure you’ll enjoy your home more.

The extra high ceilings in this home allow our energy efficient windows to really “shine”. The thoughtful placement of these windows in pairs makes the room feel even more open – and would work well in many spaces throughout the home. Just imagine dining in this bright English Garden room from another Veranda home:


For more information on bringing the outdoors into your new home, or for directions to our neighborhoods, click here.