Windsor Meadows Model Home: Interior Design Inspiration – and Paint Colors!

The Windsor Meadows model home is officially open in York County. We enjoyed a busy opening weekend with more than 100 people stopping by the model home. Thanks to all of our Facebook fans, prospects, friends and homeowners who stopped by to take a peek! Now, we’re taking you on a visual tour of the home – complete with design inspiration and insider tips from our award winning Charter Colors stylist, Veronica Search.


Come along with Veronica Search, our Charter Colors Stylist, as we look inside the Windsor Meadows model home!

Welcome to Windsor Meadows, York County’s Newest Neighborhood!


Welcome to the new Windsor Meadows model home!

Windsor Meadows Model Home Design Tour

Here’s Veronica Search’s take on the interior design at Windsor Meadows: 
I have two words for this house: SPRING FEVER! The Windsor Meadowsmodel home features the scrumptious Davis home design from our Advantage Series and was so fabulous to work in. The home is incredibly bright, open and airy.

Great Room, Morning Room and Kitchen

My favorite spot in this home is the rear of the first floor, where the great room, morning room and kitchen all connect. In keeping with the spring theme, I injected every shade of green into the details to complement the “Captivating Cream” walls. The effect freshens up the space and makes me ready for spring! Just think – when this home was empty, the only color came from the walls. What a difference a few accessories can make!


I loved creating the "candy bar" that graces the kitchen table - isn't the array of green candies sweet?

Decorating the Mantel

The round mirror above the fireplace in this home is one of my favorite pieces – and it makes such a strong statement that I kept the mantel itself fairly simple. There are so many vertical lines in this room with all of the window panels and trim, and the round mirror is just what was needed.  It has the strength to stand up to them and really stands out.  This mantel just fell into place as I was playing around with accessories above the fireplace.  Keeping the candlesticks together on one side and adding a stack of books to the other keeps it a little more casual and asymmetrical.


I love the power that this round mirror has over the fireplace - and the brightness of this room is the perfect balance against all the strong espresso tones in the kitchen!

The Windsor Meadows Kitchen

Who wouldn’t want this kitchen?  I love the contrast of the java cabinets with the white subway tile backsplash and white countertops. A lot of people are afraid of the strength or intensity of going with a pure white backsplash in their own homes.  Take a look! It’s not scary, and here’s proof.  Again, look at the difference when you add accessories in the right colors – instant drama.


Our kitchen features a spacious island and bright, lovely countertops. Do you see the touches of lemon and lime? I love the instant drama that the boldly contrasting accent pieces add to the room.


I love the impact that the white countertops and citrus touches have on this kitchen. It's just so - fresh!

Heading Upstairs at Windsor Meadows: Loft and Game Room!

One of my favorite features about the upstairs loft and game room is how much natural light the area has. Often, when you get to the top of the stairs, the hallway is dark and gloomy – it’s only when you enter a bedroom that you see natural light. In this home, there are lots of windows in the space – making the climb to the second floor so much brighter!


Loft and Game Room at Windsor Meadows - totally sunglasses-worthy!

Another tip in decorating your home this spring? Feature accessories with typography – used sparingly, it adds a fun touch!


Loved the typography and the message - come be inspired by our new model. ;)

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek

I can’t leave you without at least one shot inside the master bedroom.  This is the darkest-hued area of the home and for good reason. Dark-hued rooms look their best at night with lamps and ambient lighting.  Darker colors envelop you and calm you down, and since you’re in the bedroom mostly during the darkest hours of the day, I thought, why not? It’s so cozy, but still dramatic!  I had to add in that fabulous green again to keep the fresh feel from the downstairs in this important room.


Don't be afraid to try a darker color in the master bedroom - it has such a comforting effect at night!

Curious about the rest of the home? I’m a firm believer that you have to see it to experience it. Stop by any time from Friday to Tuesday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. to tour the home – or call us at 800-325-3030 to get more information.

Windsor Meadows Paint Colors

As we promised many of you who visited the home, here are some of our favorite paint colors that we used in the home! We had such great response when we asked for input on paint colors on Facebook that we couldn’t help ourselves – we included several of the favorites!

What do you think about our newest model home? Leave a comment and let us know!