Announcement: First Businesses at Walden Crossroads!

Walden Crossroads Announces Two New Businesses

We’re very proud to announce the first two businesses to join the Walden Crossroads community!


We're excited to welcome Posh Salon & Spa and the Walden Athletic Club!

Walden Athletic Club

The Live*Work*Play vision of Walden Crossroads is starting to shape up! Walden Athletic Club will offer a beautiful fitness facility for Walden and Walden Crossroads residents. More details to come!

Posh Salon and Spa


Need a haircut? Do your nails need some TLC? Feeling in need of a spa day? Why travel further than your own backyard! The Posh Salon and Spa will take care of all your grooming and pampering needs in style. Check out Posh’s new website for more details on their range of services!

Would YOU like to open a business at Walden Crossroads? Call Steve at 717-490-8040 to get more information.