Must Have Tools for Your New Home

Top Ten Tools for Your New Home

About to make the move into your new home? As you pack up your moving boxes and begin to take inventory, you’ll want to start making a “don’t pack me!” pile – which should include a set of key tools you’ll need as you move.

Measuring tape – Will that new couch/TV/picture/table fit? Just how big IS that picture of Aunt Betty? Sometimes, a ruler simply won’t do the trick. Be sure you have a measuring tape on hand when moving into your new home.

Level – As you begin to hang pictures and to personalize your new home, you’ll need a level to make sure your decor isn’t “on the lean”. Have an iPhone? There are free “level apps” you can use instead – just be sure to avoid hitting your phone with your…

Hammer – Seems like an obvious one, but be sure to avoid packing your hammer away! A good, light, well-balanced hammer is a must-have for your new home move. If you’re bringing along lots of framed pictures, consider keeping any nails or picture hangers that remain usable together in a bag with your hammer – it will save time and help you take stock of any additional hanging hardware you’ll need.

Screwdriver Set – Make sure you have both Philips and flat head screwdrivers available in several sizes – these will always come in handy!

Cordless Drill – From securing your bookshelves to hanging your curtain rods, a cordless drill is a handy time-saving tool during your new home move.

Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool – While this one may be tough to say five times fast, it’s a tool that can save you lots of time and frustration! Drop your wedding ring down the sink? Lose that bolt you needed in a duct? This tool expands (telescopes) to grab metal objects outside your reach. Also great for grabbing spare nails, bolts, staples, etc. Check out this inexpensive one at Sears: Telescopic Magnetic Pocket Tool.

Scissors – One of the most common things new home buyers forget to set aside during their move is a sturdy, reliable pair of scissors. Also consider an Exacto Knife for opening boxes and clamshell containers.

Pens and Paper – Let’s face it – there will be lots of things to write down as you make your move. From Starbucks orders to grocery lists to “honey do” lists, you’ll need lots of pens and paper during your move.

Duct Tape – You know you’ll need it – even if you don’t quite know why now. Bring along at least one or two rolls!

These are some of our top must-have tools for moving into a new home. Did your favorite tool not make the list? Let us know by leaving a comment!