Memorial Day Front Porch Decorating Ideas


Patriotic Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Memorial Day

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, check out these ideas and photos to make your front porch patriotic!

Red, White and Blue… Flowers!

Consider using a patriotic combination of colorful flowers to decorate your front porch this Memorial Day.  Don’t miss the how-to on – “Plant a Red, White and Blue Flower Garden“!


Here are a few ideas for red, white and blue flowers, courtesy of

Decorating Your Front Porch with an American Flag:

Letting the colors fly on your front porch is a great way of sharing your patriotic style this memorial day.

Don’t miss this 3’x5′ embroidered American flag from Target:


Don’t have a flag mount, but want to fly the red, white and blue on Memorial Day? This embroidered version from features a mounting kit for easy installation on your front porch:


American Flag Bunting:

Home improvement stores like Lowes also carry American flag bunting – a dramatic touch perfect for hanging from the railing of your front porch. Check out this bunting by Lowes – a bit of vintage Americana for your front porch!


Just for fun: Patriotic Birdhouse!

Etsy vendor DoorCountyWoodworks features this cute handcrafted birdhouse – a perfect way to let your feathered friends in on the Memorial Day festivities!


Image from DoorCountyWoodworks via Etsy.

Charter Homes homeowners are a patriotic bunch! Do you have a great picture of your front porch decked out in its patriotic best? Share it with us!


Those are all the Memorial Day front porch decorating ideas for today! Like this post? Don’t miss Flower Pots in Every Color of the Rainbow!