Homeownership: The American Dream

In the recent American Dream Survey by real estate search giant, Trulia, it was revealed that 58 percent of Americans think prices will return to their peak within 10 years, 78 percent of renters plan to buy someday, and interest in homes (3,200+ sf) nearly doubled in the last year.

What does this mean for you?

1. The time to buy is now– prices are on the rise and mortgage rates have already hit record lows. Charter Homes has qualified mortgage specialists that can guide you through the process and into the home of your dreams.

2. You aren’t the only one looking at your dream home — a high percentage of renters desiring to be homeowners means increased buyer competition, and increased “here today, gone tomorrow” scenarios when finding a home, or homesite you love. The combination of climbing home prices in the future and current low mortgage rates is making it the most economical time for renters to start on the journey of homeownership. So, if you love it–don’t wait!

3. Move up homes are highly sought after —  renters aren’t the only demographic rushing to take advantage of the prime home buying climate–those looking to expand into a larger space have the same competition. Luckily, Charter Homes is your one stop for guidance on financing, floorplans, and creating the best life for you in one of our Great American Neighborhoods.

So, why Charter Homes?

As you walk around our homes you’ll feel the openness, natural flow, and timelessness of our homes. We call this sometimes indescribable feeling“Living Design”–and it is incorporated into every one of our homes we build.

•    Natural Light– Our homes have 20% more windows that are 30% larger than other homes–allowing natural light to brighten your home, and mood!
•    Sight Lines– We carefully consider the placement of every architectural element to create a stunning view from every angle in your home.
•    Great Spaces– We carefully think about how you will use a room–ensuring you will enjoy more of the space you get in a Charter Home.
•    Timelessness– Our homes stand the test of time, we create architectural foundations as authentic and enduring as the people who live in them.

The best way to truly understand the feeling only a Charter Home can create is to come and walk through one of our 18 fully furnished designer model homes and speak to a passionate Neighborhood Sales Manager.

Call 800. 325.3030 to schedule a visit–or you can  live chat with our online sales counselors at