Detached Garage Benefits

Great American Neighborhoods: Benefits of a Detached Garage

What is it about a Charter Great American Neighborhood that creates such a walkable and inviting community? Part of it is the narrow streets to slow traffic and prevent parking on streets, and part is the winding sidewalks that line the front of our beautiful homes. But, what really gives our neighborhoods the open and walkable feeling is what cannot be seen from the street–a detached garage, located behind our single family and townhomes.


Security and Storage without Compromising Curb Appeal

A detached garage offers the privacy, security, and storage space that traditional attached garages offer, without detracting from the curb appeal of the home. Rather than large garage doors dominating the facade and cars sitting in front of our beautiful homes, cars sit off the streets and protected in the large garages in the back of the house.


Another attribute of a Great American Neighborhood is a low maintenance yard. A detached garage creates a private space for our homeowners to set up a patio table and chairs, plant a garden, or let the dog out to play. They create attractive privacy barriers without the confining feeling of a total fenced in yard.

A detached garage is only one of the unique attributes that make our Great American Neighborhoods unlike any other–walkable streets, beautiful landscaping, and our timeless home designs with large inviting porches create a picturesque community. We invite you to come out for a visit–call (800) 325-3030 to schedule a tour at any of our award winning Great American Neighborhoods today.