Making a Statement: Backyard Design

Creating an Oasis with Backyard Design

Looking for backyard design ideas to liven up your space? We’ve compiled a few of our favorite ways to add color, depth, and interest to backyard living spaces of all shapes and sizes. Your backyard should be a relaxing oasis that reflects your own personal taste and lifestyle–and we’ve got backyard design ideas for everyone!


Add color and interest with a combination of flowers and plants and a flagstone path that creates depth (and  allows for easy watering!) Have pets? Finding plants that attract butterflies will serve as great entertainment during the day for your furry family members!


Love the look of a mix of flowers and plants, but don’t have the open planting space or want to worry about maintaining flower beds? Try a container garden! A mix of flowers, green plants, and stylish planters will create endless possibilities that will add life and interest to your backyard or patio.



We love the use of evenly placed  flagstone to create an alternative to a solid patio slab for a conversation area , perfect for sitting out and enjoying the company of others or just the outdoors on your own.


Have a fenced in yard that could use some serious style upgrade? Try planting vertically! We love the idea of adding planters to a vertical wall or fence or using climbing vines to give an ordinarily plain wall some color and life!

The best part about these backyard design ideas is they don’t require a lot of time and maintenance. We believe that time should be spent enjoying your home–not spent tirelessly maintaining it! With a little planning and some initial planting and landscaping you will have a beautiful backyard oasis to enjoy.

Have some photos of your own backyard oasis in your Charter Home you would like to share? Upload to our Facebook Page–we’d love to see them!