The Perfect Front Porch

Few things are more welcoming on a home than an inviting, attractive front porch.   And if a home has one, designing it and building it well adds interest, style, and great space for you to enjoy.

At Charter, we make the front porch a focal point of our neighborhoods, as it encourages friendly conversation with your neighbors and provides the perfect place for play, relaxation, and enjoying the people and nature at your doorstep.


A beautiful front porch provides the perfect place for chatting, playing and daydreaming.

Building Your Perfect Porch

There are three keys to consider when designing your front porch: the depth, the height, and the details.

You’ll want to select the depth of your porch, measured from the home to the edge of the porch, based on how you want to use the space.  If a porch is 4 feet wide, you’ll be able to place small chairs on it and use them with your feet near the edge.  A six foot porch will let you place larger chairs on it and leave space for someone to walk across the porch in front of you.  At eight feet, you can put a lounge chair on it and still have room to pass by.  Larger than that, and you have the opportunity to furnish the porch area like you would a room – a whole outdoor living space for you to enjoy.


Choose the depth of your front porch based on how you plan to use it – and how much space you’ll need for furniture and people!

The height of the porch, measured from porch floor the to the bottom of the porch beam, impacts both how the front of the home is perceived and how someone who visits will experience the home.  With a taller porch, a home tends to feel taller and often times more formal.  It also allows for taller windows on the front of the home, allowing more light into the rooms behind it.  A shorter porch often feels more intimate and provides the feeling of more privacy in the rooms behind it.  Another consideration involving the porch is how high the porch floor is from the ground in front of it.  A porch that sits higher   offers more privacy to both the porch space and the home behind it, while a lower porch is more welcoming and public.


Taller front porches can make your home feel more formal – and provide lots of space for windows!

The third key is all getting all the details right.  The most obvious detail is what holds the front of the porch up.  Formal or informal columns, timbers,  and brackets can all serve as to hold it up, but careful consideration needs to be given to the style of the home before the right option is chosen.   Also, the trim details of the railing and handrail, the porch eave and ceiling can make a big difference in how the porch both looks and  feels.  Providing a roof material that is different than the rest of the homes roof can really set the porch apart as a significant part of the home.  Lastly, lighting of the porch is something that needs to be thought about, since the home is seen during the evening as often as it is in the day.


Small details can make all the difference when designing your front porch.

Taking these ideas into consideration when designing a porch will add character to any home – and make it yours alone.   Charter offers a wide array of front (and side, and back!) porch options and details to provide you with the perfect space to gather, relax and enjoy your new home. Simply stop by your favorite Charter Homes neighborhood for more details, or call 800-325-3030.


Stop by today and let us help you design your dream front porch.