Dig This! Vegas’ Top Attraction in Central Pennsylvania

Did you know what the #1 top attraction at Las Vegas is, according to Trip Advisor? You are thinking an Elvis museum or something? Nope, it is calledDig This. Advertised as a heavy construction equipment playground where YOU get to sit behind the controls and move some dirt. I did not make this up (proof).

Skip the trip to Vegas and come see all of the ‘heavy lifting’ in one of Charter’s Great American Neighborhoods ™! It is cheaper than the plane ticket—but sorry, for insurance reasons you can only watch.

If you were at Towns at Meridian today, located in Silver Spring Townhip, Cumberland County, this is what you would see.

It is tree planting day!



Wait a minute, I mentioned heavy equipment. Here you go! Check out our team members at CH+N Site as they use the excavator to dig the holes and pick up the trees to plant them.



You can also see things like this mini skid loader moving some dirt.


You never know what you will see in one of Charter’s Great American Neighborhoods ™! With more than 20 locations in Central PA, you are not too far to grab your inner child and watch the team move some dirt, plant some trees, dig some holes and pave some streets.

You can even stop in the model home for a cookie!

Call 800-325-5050 for more information, or check us out online.

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You don’t have to go to Vegas to enjoy the ‘big dig’!