Your New Home is Ready Now!


Ok, so we’ve given you the top 5 reasons to buy a home today–but we’ve got a new reason that we just HAVE to share with you…

To re-cap…

1. Rates are rising
As the economy improves, the near-zero rates of the recent past are creeping up towards 4% quickly. Don’t miss your chance to lock into a rate in an increasing market.

2. Home costs are increasing
The price on a home you see today is most likely the lowest you’ll ever see. Rising rates coupled with rising costs makes waiting a very costly mistake.

3. Buyer competition is fierce
Because of the changing market conditions, savvy buyers are pulling the trigger when they find the home that fits them best. This means increased competition for the home you have in mind or the homesite you have fallen in love with. Waiting could cost you the home of your dreams.

4. Rent is skyrocketing
According to the real estate experts at Zillow, rents rose between 4.2-5% over the past year, and there is no ceiling in sight. Protect yourself from rent inflation and make the investment in your own home, where your money goes into the equity of your home rather than into someone else’s pocket.

5. The tax benefits are great
When you purchase your new home, you’ll find ample tax benefits–from deducting loan points paid, real estate taxes to private mortgage insurance and energy credits.

And for the newest reason…

6. Charter Homes & Neighborhoods has the region’s largest number of Ready Now Homes available for you now!
This means you can choose from the best addresses and the most thoughtfully designed home designs in Central PA, and move in virtually right away!

Check out our stunning selection of Ready Now Homes here. Or follow our“2013 Homes Ready For You Now” board on Pinterest!
But, don’t wait–these homes go fast, so if you see a home that you want to make your own, set up your private tour and learn how you can live in a place as unique as you are in a Great American Neighborhood™.

Interested in learning more about taking advantage of the market and buying your new home? Stop into any of our neighborhoods and speak with a passionate Neighborhood Sales Manager who will walk you though how you can make your dream of a new home a reality.

Or, you can call our Online Sales Concierge, Kathryn at 800.325.3030 to set up your appointment and private tour of one of our award-winning neighborhoods across Central PA.