On Trend: Exterior Color Choices

We’ve all seen it…developments of new homes in straight rows, practically identical with “builder beige” siding. Sure, it’s a safe choice–beige is always safe, but this is your home and we believe that people are unique, where they live should be too.

That’s why we mix various architectural styles, building materials, and a beautiful palette of siding color choices to create streetscapes with depth and character that reflect the personal style of our homeowners.

Check out the thoughtful mix of home designs and see how the exterior color choices create a memorable streetscape at Walden, Silver Spring Township:


And forget the idea that townhomes need to blend in together in a solid tan row…each home should have unique character of it’s own!


Don’t be afraid to break the mold with siding color–it is the perfect way to put your personal touch on your new home for all to admire as they drive by, like this charming home in Florin Hill, Mount Joy.


The best part about choosing the finishes for your new Charter Home is that you have access to our award winning design studio CharterColors and our Colors Stylist, Annette. Finishes that fit you best, made easy.

See the difference in person, call 800.325.3030 to schedule a private tour of one of our neighborhoods across Central PA. Or, you can browse the region’s largest number of Ready Now Homes, available for you now, and find your perfect home: Click here to browse our inventory