19 New Homeowners in 10 Days – Why Homebuyers Are Buying Now!

19 new homewowners in Central PA have made the choice to Live Someplace Special in a Charter home–and that is only the past 10 days!

Buyers are making the smart choice and snapping up the homes and homesites that they love sooner rather than later. Much of this choice is attributed to the low rates, a recovering economic market–and (the big story facing homebuyers searching for their new home in 2013) —  low inventory of homes for sale.

According to an article on Forbes.com, “Inventory has contracted to its lowest level since December 1999, more than 13 years ago. The number of available homes…fell 4.9% from December (2012) and is 25.3% lower than a year ago.”  So what does this mean for you?

It means that there are more people than in years past looking at your dream home or homesite too. With increasing numbers of buyers heading into the market and buying up the most desirable inventory–if you wait, you’ll miss out on a home you love.

Chief Economist of the National Association of Realtors, Lawrence Yun reports that “Buyer traffic is picking up…In fact buyer traffic is up 40% above a year ago, so there is plenty of demand…”

How does this affect today’s homebuyers? Low inventory + High buyer interest levels = Increasing Prices

The low inventory and high traffic of homebuyers looking to take advantage of record low mortgage rates and prime market conditions to purchase a home are gradually pushing home prices higher. If you see a home you love today, chances are tomorrow you will be paying a higher price.

Buyers who visit The Great American Neighborhoods TM created by Charter Homes & Neighborhoods understand that a home in a prime location built with character and attention to detail won’t be around for long. “With less supply to satiate the growing demand, the length of times have been spending on the sale block has decreased dramatically since last year.”, according to thearticle. If you love a home–chances are someone does too, and they may be on their way to sign an agreement the moment you decide to walk out the door to “think it over”.

Take a look at some of The Great American Neighborhoods TM and Ready Now Homes that Charter Homes & Neighborhoods has to offer you–but, don’t wait too long if you find and home or homesite you love. The price you see today will likely be the lowest price you’ll see for years to come–and there is likely another buyer imagining making their own memories in the home of your dreams.


Pictured: Ready Now Home at Veranda, Lancaster County
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Pictured: Ready Now Home at Southpoint Meadows, Derry Township
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Pictured: Home under construction in The Preserve, Hampden Township
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