First Homeowners of 2013 — Sage Hill, York PA!

Charter Homes and Neighborhoods is excited to announce the first homeowners of 2013–A happy family relocating to Central PA who chose to live in the stunning neighborhood of Sage Hill!

We talked with Brad Carr, the Neighborhood Sales Manager at Sage Hill to find out what made them choose the neighborhood as their place to call home:

“They had looked for along time.  They really liked Sage Hill and the Porter when they first visited me back in October. They looked for another two months and found that they could not find a house they liked as much as the Porter home design.

They also thought that Sage Hill was the best fit for their family.  Lots of young children for their kids to play with.  They thought the functionality of the Porter was the right fit but they also loved the beauty of the layout, he liked all the natural light (they got all the windows the model has) and she thought the garden kitchen was stunning (which it is).

The last week before they bought was them trying to decide on the best home site.  They decided in December they where going to live at Sage Hill they just could not figure out what property.  The problem? They loved two homesites and could not decide which they loved better.  They came at different times of the day to see how the sun would travel and when they finally made their decision he said “we are going to keep the homesite with the sunset”. They are so excited and can’t wait to move into their new home,”


Pictured: The stunning Porter home design–the model at Sage Hill.

It truly was a “Battle of the Hills”–because only a few moments later, Spring Hill (in Swatara Township) rang in the new year with a sale of their own–welcoming another family to the fast-selling neighborhood!

Caitlin Reed, Neighborhood Sales Manager at Spring Hill shared a little about the newest homeowners to call Spring Hill home:

“A couple who had been living in Walden were looking to relocate. They fell in love with the Palmer floorplan and were so happy with the size of the homesites here that they just had to make the move. I am so pleased that they decided to stay in the Charter family. What a great couple and a fantastic addition to Spring Hill!”

What a perfect way to kick off 2013 for these happy homeowners! Want to tour one of our Great American Neighborhoods and create the home of your dreams in 2013? Call 800.325.3030 to schedule an appointment, or live chat with us instantly!