2013 New Design Idea: Front Door First

The CharterDesign™ team released several new home designs to its award winning portfolio, leading the industry in thoughtful and innovative home design. The team of architects, drafting experts and designers do all of the planning and design work for Charter Homes & Neighborhoods.

These new designs feature three new ideas: Front Door First Design, The Sun Porch, and The Buffet Island. Today, let’s focus on Front Door First Design.

The Kenleigh features several new design ideas, like ‘Front Door First’ designed to ensure the front door is the focal point when looking at the home.

Focused on ensuring that the front of the house, and most importantly the front door, are closer to the street than the garage. This gives the home more presence and classic proportions. The home is what you notice first, not the garage doors. As part of designing the Great American Neighborhoods™, streetscapes are a critical part of creating special and memorable neighborhood design.

In the Kenleigh home design (shown above) the front door is inviting and approachable. The design also gives us a better opportunity to bring the entry walk in from the sidewalk.


With the front door as a focal point, and not garage doors, Charter creates spectacular streetscapes.

These new home designs were released into three of our most popular neighborhoods– Graystone at Walden,  Farmview at MillcreekVeranda, andGrandview.

Graystone at Walden

Graystone is the newest phase of single family homes located in Central PA’s fastest selling neighborhood, Walden. Walden is located in Silver Spring Township, Mechanicsburg on Harrisburg’s West Shore.

Farmview at Millcreek

Farmview is the final section of one of the nation’s most celebrated neighborhoods. Located in Lancaster, Millcreek’s preserved spaces, water features and the historic bank barn make the neighborhood a truly unforgettable place.


Veranda is one of Lancaster’s most recognized neighborhoods. From it’s stunning presence off of Harrisburg Pike to the three spacious greens for two and four legged friends to play, Veranda is a gem in East Hempfield Township. The final homesites have been released with these new and improved floorplans.


Located in the heart of Lancaster, and built within the years of our nation’s rich historical events, Grandview provides what people valued then–and still value today, a great place to call home.

These new home designs and new phases are available for you today! Call our Online Concierge, Kathryn at 800-325-3030 for more information and to schedule a tour.

Stay tuned for our next featured design idea – The Sun Porch!