5 Reasons Charter New Construction Beats Resale

If you are in the market for a new home, one of the first (and most important) decisions you have to make is considering a new construction home or a resale.

We’ve compiled a list of the top “5 Reasons Charter New Construction Beats Resale” to share with you:

1. Access to the experts: There are few decisions as big as choosing to build your new home. We provide a team of experts who understand how significant this decision is and are experts in navigating you through the process–and always have your end goals in mind. When you have the support of a team skilled enough to handle the details, building your new home will be a memorable and fun experience you can look back on and know was the right decision.  You won’t get that with a resale.

2.  Choosing the finishes to fit your life: What’s more fun than choosing colors? Once you choose to build your new home, you have all the resources of CharterColors (our very own interior design studio) available to you! CharterColors is a one stop design store available only to Charter homebuyers where you can choose the finishes and fixtures to personalize your home so it best fits your taste, your lifestyle, and your favorite sofa.That’s something you would have to compromise with a resale home.

3. Living Design: As you walk around our homes you’ll feel the openness, natural flow, and timelessness of our homes. We call this sometimes indescribable feeling Living Design–and it is incorporated into every one of our homes we build.

  • Natural Light– Our homes have 20% more windows that are 30% larger than other homes–allowing natural light to brighten your home, and mood!
  • Sight Lines– We carefully consider the placement of every architectural element to create a stunning view from every angle in your home.
  • Great Spaces– We carefully think about how you will use a room–ensuring you will enjoy more of the space you get in a Charter Home.
  • Timelessness– Our homes stand the test of time, we create architectural foundations as authentic and enduring as the people who live in them.

You won’t find Living Design anywhere else in the resale market.

4.  The Great American Neighborhood®: Just like your home, your neighborhood should stand the test of time. We let the land guide us, considering the view, saving its trees and creeks, and thoughtfully placing every amenity so it delights and inspires. With charming streets, lively gathering spaces, and walkable destinations, we’re building the next generation of Great American Neighborhoods®Other builders build boxes, we create places like no other.

5. Confidence: Charter Homes & Neighborhoods is a recognized leader in the industry as a result of our passion for creating Special Places, earning most major national and regional awards–including the coveted National Housing Quality Award. Since 1990, we have delivered over 4,000 homes and we are proud of the reputation we’ve built and the success we’ve had, but always remember that it all comes second to our homebuyers’ satisfaction.Where else will you find this type of passion and industry expertise?

The best way to truly understand the feeling only a Charter Home can create is to come and walk through one of our fully furnished designer model homes in our neighborhoods across Central PA and speak to a passionate Neighborhood Sales Manager.

Call 800. 325.3030 to schedule a visit–or you can  live chat with our online sales counselor Kathryn at charterhomes.com.