How to Choose a Color Palette in Open Floorplans

When it comes time to choosing a color palette for your home you may dream in color, but end up living in beige. Don’t get us wrong–beige can be beautiful –it’s a classic for a reason! But, we’re always looking for ways to add some “pop” and “interest” into our neutral decor–and we’ve found some great tips on how to ease into a beautiful palette, specifically in an open floorplan–without the color shock!


Here’s what trusted home/living experts at Better Homes & Gardens have to say:

1. Let architecture guide you. Look for corners and transition areas for natural places to stop and start a paint color or wall treatment, such as wallpaper.

2. Pick a self-contained wall to paint with an accent color.


3. Use a monochromatic scheme. Change the value of a color from space to space.

4. Add molding.Delineate a space with molding and use paint within that space for a block of color.

5. Choose a three-color scheme. Use one color on all the walls. Use another color on all the trim throughout the space and a third color on the ceiling.

6. Break up endless walls. Separate a long wall with a bookcase, shelving, or screen. Cover the back of the casework with colorful wallpaper or a contrasting paint color. Paint or upholster the screen.

7. Define space with rugs. A dining area might be grounded with a color-banded sisal rug, for example, while in an adjacent living area, furniture could be grouped around a multicolor wool area rug.


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