Benefits of a Summertime Move!

Summer is considered by many to be the most desirable time to move. There are conveniences that come with moving in the summer, that you just can’t have during the rest of the year.

When moving, there is always a transition period and planning and preparation involved. Here is our list of the top 4 ways that moving in the summer can help make your move easier!

1. People are in “garage-sale” mode. When packing to move, you’ll be in prime garage sale season where buyers are ready to take your old  furniture off your hands that will not be making the move with you.

2. Children are out of school.
 This means less after-school activities, or disruption to their studies and schoolwork. By moving over the summer, they begin the school year fresh–and maybe even with some new friends made in their new neighborhood!

3. Pleasant Weather. Sure, you might have a few warm days where you might break a sweat, but its much better than worrying about ice, snow, rain, and freezing in sub-zero temperatures!

4. Longer Daylight. You can get more done in a day since you’ll have more light later into the evening. Moving boxes in the cold and in the dark isn’t fun — or safe!

5. Enjoy Outdoor Spaces. Explore your new neighborhood, sit on your porch, go for walks and meet your neighbors! The warm summer weather encourages you to enjoy your new home beyond the interior walls.


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