Explore The Great American Neighborhood®

Walk down the street of The Great American Neighborhood® and you will instantly notice the differences that create places like no other.  All of these details have been thoughtfully planned to create the most inviting and liveable neighborhoods in Central PA. Planning a neighborhood scaled for people requires the art of blending nature with design–which is something that is important when you respect what was and imagine what can be, when planning the next Great American Neighborhood®.

Narrower Streets and Detached Garages

We believe in creating walkable streets with fewer parked cars and less traffic. This is why we sometimes place garages behind homes, so the cars are in the back and off streets, which encourages biking and walking–and creates a safer  neighborhood environment.


Narrow streets allow for easier and safer crossing.

Sidewalk Lined Streets

In order to create walkable communities, we let the land guide us by including winding sidewalks through all of our neighborhoods. Tree lined sidewalks take you where you want to be–whether it’s a visit to a neighbor, an evening stroll, or a trip to neighborhood parks and shops.


Take a stroll along the tree-lined sidewalks. 

Large Inviting Front Porches

Large front porches encourage time spent outside. The porches on our homes are purposely designed to be wider and deeper to accommodate rocking chairs and conversation spaces. Not only do they create curb appeal and charm throughout the neighborhood–they provide outdoor extension of our home’s living spaces!


Wave to neighbors passing by from one of our spacious porches. 

Manageable Homesites Mean Less Maintenance

Your time should be spent enjoying your home rather than spending hours maintaining it. That is why our homesites feature manageable yards with enough space to create your own private retreat–without hours of yard work. When you are craving expansive spaces, head out to one of the community parks or large open green areas that are characteristic The Great American Neighborhood®.


Preserved open spaces leave you more time to enjoy your neighborhood and less time working in the yard.  

We design all of this on purpose, with you in mind — to create a place as unique as you are.

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