Grandview: Newest Design Ideas of 2014

Fresh off the drawing boards are the newest ideas about Living Design™, incorporated into the newest homes built in the newest neighborhood in Manheim Township, Grandview. The neighborhood is located within the iconic Grandview Heights neighborhood and captures the historic charm and combines with the modern amenities and trends of modern home living.

What is LivingDesign™? It is our commitment to include character in every Charter home – LivingDesign™ is a combination of 4 design principles that deliver on that promise.

Natural Light
Great Spaces

The newest demonstrations of LivingDesign™ put into practice can be found in Grandview:

1. Front Door First


Timelessness in a home is not easy to accomplish, but one way you can achieve it is to make the front door the most recognized design element when you first see the home. to see the front door first (rather than garage doors!).

2. The Sunporch


For years adding a sunspace on the back of a Charter home has been a popular option for homebuyers. The sunporch enhances both the interior and the exterior of the home by adding Natural Light to the space with its large number of windows, and providing for a high level of trim featured on the front of the home.

3. The Linen Base


The Owner’s bath is arguably the most cross-functional space in the home. We’ve  added double the storage coupled with an additional Sightline to make the room feel larger with The Linen Base.

4. Wall of Cabinetry


No one has ever complained of too much kitchen storage. We added a generous kitchen counter-top lined with glass pane accented kitchen cabinets to create a kitchen that is as useful as it is beautiful. Areas of the home that you love to live in are what we call Great Spaces.

Come see all of these principles in person at Grandview in Manheim Township – or at any of our other neighborhoods across Central PA.  Call 800.325.3030 to schedule your tour.