Moving During the School Year vs. Moving Over the Summer

When is the Best Time to Move into a New Home?

Parents looking to move into a new home often worry about how the move will impact their children. Conventional wisdom says that it’s better to move over the summer so that kids are able to experience a new school for a full academic year, giving them a chance for a “fresh start”.  Many contend that a summer move is less academically disruptive and allows kids to make a clean break with their old school.

Today, let’s look at the benefits of the alternative:

Benefits of Moving During the School Year

According to Director of Sales and mom Kelly P., moving during the school year can be an easier transition for children. “Kids are involved in new activities and classes right away, rather than spending part of the summer with no new friends and little to do”. Additionally, moving during the school year can have short and long term social benefits for your child. “Kids can make new friends that they can play with during summer break”, says Kelly.


A school bus arrives at our Veranda neighborhood.

Many parents who have moved in the middle of the school year agree that mid-year moves can actually be less disruptive to your child’s social life. Rather being lost in the crowd of “new kids” at the beginning of the academic year, your child will be an anticipated arrival to that empty desk in their classroom. Socially, your child will have the benefit of a quickly established routine of school and activities – helping them transition more easily to their new home and school.

Academic disruption can be minimized by planning your move over a holiday weekend or other break.  Parents can also benefit from a mid-year move – many moving companies provide substantial discounts for moves outside of the summer “busy season”.

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Parents, what do you think? Do you have experience moving during the year or over the summer? Leave a comment below this post and share!