What’s in a name?

We wanted a special name for our 2014 “Idea Home” in the Lancaster Parade of Homes, so we opened up the naming process to our loyal followers on Facebook! We received tons of great names, but one stood out to us – The Alexandria.


Even better than the name, is the story behind it:

We move frequently, this is my third house.  Of course, we own a Charter Home.  We were the very first to have your Porter Model built!   I love your homes and decorations, hence I keep up with you guys on Facebook.  The connection still allows me to see interior design ideas that obviously would look well in our home.
I consider myself very feminine/girly-girly.  Yep, I ended up being the mother of two boys.  They are so much fun and love them bunches!  Ssshh…don’t tell them, but I always thought that I’d be a mother to  girls.  Alexandria topped my list of names.  It seemed regal, elegant, beautiful. Everything that I thought my little girl would be!  Can’t wait to see what my little house is like, instead!  Right?
Thank you so much for taking some delight in the name.  I’m sure this Alexandria will also fit my description!  We do enjoy our Porter.  One of the best kitchens ever.

We can’t wait to reveal The Alexandria to you, it’s casual elegance and timeless design are sure to suit the vision behind the name perfectly!

Stay tuned for more #Charterparade updates!