Historic Charm is the Foundation of Grandview

According to a recent article by LancasterOnline.com “Life is Grand in Grandview Heights” and we have to agree.

We believe that every property has a story, including chapters detailing its natural features, the people who have lived on it and worked with it, all that is found around it, and the potential it holds for the future.

Grandview’s story begins many years before Charter Homes & Neighborhoods was selected and entrusted to create the final piece of the iconic Grandview Heights neighborhood.

Brothers Vincent and Jacques Gammache lived on the land that Grandview now calls home for all of their lives. They were born there in the 1930’s, and both attended and graduated from Lancaster Catholic High School. In late 1997, the Gammache brothers deeded the property to Lancaster Catholic High School.


Pictured: Aerial view of The Historic Gammache Property and where The Great American Neighborhood™ Grandview is located and being built.

Charter Homes & Neighborhoods was selected to develop this treasured tract of land because of the genuine care and understanding for the adjacent neighbors in Grandview Heights and the respect for the history of the land.

Historical framework and the story of all land is the foundation of The Great American Neighborhood®. The details inspire the Character included in the architecture, neighborhood planning and design throughout the neighborhood. Thoughtful details such as privet hedges, porch lamps and picket fencing pays homage to the original charm of Grandview Heights.


We honor the past and build for the future by creating a Place Like No Other that people love as much as they value.  Each of The Great American Neighborhoods across Central PA is unique but all share one thing – delivering Our Promise to homeowners to Live Some Place Special®.