The Building Blocks of The Great American Neighborhood®

The Great American Neighborhood™  Highpoint Arcona started as a sketch and a vision – and now that vision is coming to life in Lower Allen Township.

The details that separate The Great American Neighborhood™ from any other neighborhood are incorporated from the ground up.

The streets are lined first with Belgian block curbing to create the streetscape. What a difference the extra detail makes when you are walking or driving around the neighborhood. Sure, it might be easier to just pour cement curbs, but the extra effort is worth it!


The architecture is inspired by the historic farmland, which is now  the setting for Highpoint Arcona. Farmhouse inspired architecture pays mind to the past and provides character for new home buyers today.


Next up are the mature street trees and wide winding sidewalks – we can’t wait to show you more!

Check out the West Shore’s newest village – schedule your private tour by calling 800.325.3030.