Hey There Renters: Listen Up

Chase Townhome in Millcreek in West Lampeter Township Lancaster PA

Upper Left:  Charter's new Chase townhomes in Millcreek in West Lampeter Township offering two car garages and 1800+ square feet in the heart of Lancaster County. Below Right:  Charter's popular Florin Hill neighborhood located in small town America, Mount Joy.

According to a recent article in Lancaster Online, "Rental market in Lancaster County nears 'crisis' stage," renting here has its challenges. Here are some things to think about:

Low Inventory = Sky High Prices.  The rental market has gone rogue!  Trying to find affordable rental housing has become a tough proposition. Landlords can rake in some cash by pushing prices up as much as 20% or more according to the article. So not cool.

Broke Before You Move In.  You may rack up a huge bill just in application fees because with the market being competitive, renters are being scrutinized and landlords can pick and choose among the applicants.  Again, not cool.

Upgrades?  Good Luck.  Want to rent an apartment but you want carpeting or appliances replaced? The landlord is more likely to turn you down because another person is in line to rent it as-is.  That does it!

WAIT! There IS Good News!

You should consider buying your next home. Outside of ALL the usual benefits of home ownership like building equity and having a home that's truly yours, interest rates are still very low.

And Charter has a lot of options in many Great American Neighborhoods in Central PA including town home undefinedliving with no maintenance and floor plans that accommodate any type of living arrangement (think room mate).

We guarantee you won't have to worry about old, dirty appliances or carpeting because they will be new, just like the rest of your home that's not been used and abused. 

We believe you deserve to live in a special place and that includes not only the home but the neighborhood.  What you'll love is coming home every day and not worrying about rising rents and unpredictable landlords.

We hope you give Kathryn a call today and she can help you find the location that best fits your needs and walk you through an easy process to find your forever home.