Help! I Need More Space for My Genes!

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Surprise!  You may be looking for a larger home in retirement. What??? Seems that the empty nest is getting full again as people are looking for not only a larger home, but one that has the right configuration for other family members to live comfortably with them.

A recent survey by Merrill Lynch showed that 49 percent of retirees didn’t downsize and up to 30 percent moved into larger homes. Your next home may need a first floor master suite or additional bedroom space on an upper floor for a parent, child or extended family member.

Options such as creatively designed loft/game spaces give you more places to gather, while an enclosed study can provide quiet private time when you need it.  You can have the best of both worlds when you live The Charter Way™ with a large number of floor plans and designs in a number of neighborhoods across Central PA to meet your individual needs.