Staging Your Home to Sell

Charter home in Veranda, Hempfield Township in Lancaster, PA

Prepping your home to sell is a snap when you have a plan of attack! Here are some quick tips that will get your home ready for visitors:

1. Think Bright and Light - Open all of your blinds and pull back the curtains. Homes actually feel bigger and more open when you let the light shine in.

2. Remove Yourself (Figuratively)  - Depersonalize your home by locking away heirloom objects, mail and family pictures so a potential homeowner can picture themselves (not you) living in the home. 

3. Spic and Span - Make sure you've thoroughly cleaned the home - don't forget the woodwork, blinds, curtains and baseboards where dust bunnies like to hide.

4. Remove Yourself (Literally) - This time we mean actually leave the home.  Home buyers are not comfortable looking at a home when the owner is lurking around the corner. 

5. Take Fido - As much as you love your best friend, not everyone is pet-friendly and visitors may be sensitive to fur.  Take your pet with you during the showing if possible.

6. What's That Smell? - The old trick of setting out fresh baked cookies during open houses was more about enticing the nose rather than the mouth.  You don't have to become a chef at each showing; just make sure there are no strange smells. Hint:  Did you empty the trash?

7. A Quick Facelift - Nothing turns off a home buyer more than a ripped window screen or squeaky stairs and doors.  Keep a list of small repairs you need to complete before you list your home.

8. Keep it Picture Perfect - After you do all of this work it's important to keep it looking the same way.  Get into a routine of polishing, straightening and fluffing each day before you leave.