The Story of the Neighborhood Trees

The neighborhood of Millcreek in Lampeter Township, Lancaster, PA

Photos:  Green "poufs" surround you on Millcreek's Little Hill.

The thousands of trees found in the landscape and along the winding streets of Charter neighborhoods are not only breathtaking, but tell the story of the land of The Great American Neighborhood.® Preserved and planted trees are carefully placed and randomly scattered to soften the hardscapes and connect the homes to the neighborhood creating a beautiful backdrop that feels as though it's been that way since time began.

They do get some help looking this good: They are trimmed and pruned in a thoughtful way providing a canopy as you walk your neighborhood with your four-legged friends. They become nature's umbrella protecting you from hot, sunny days or an unexpected summer downpour.

What you'll really love is how they change throughout the year. Warm orange, red and yellow hues will soon light up the neighborhood in a colorful palette. A winter's snow is welcomed on wide open branches giving you the perfect snapshot of their quiet beauty.

Trees are just one of the many design features that sets Charter apart in its promise to create special places that are like no other.