The Elmhurst Model Home Inspiration


We often get questions on how our model homes are designed as each one has its own unique story. What's behind our newest home in Elmhurst, our first of five Great American Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh? Here's a sneak peek from our designer...

Modern meets the past and takes it to a new level as the home was designed to feel established and collected as though it has always been here. Storytelling happens through the eyes as thoughtfully chosen art pieces lead you from one room to the next. 

Keeping tones fresh and neutral keep the space modern and minimal, allowing the natural light to flood the room and invite the outside into the home.  Traditional furniture styles with simple contemporary fabrics and finishes along with pops of color through the use of throw pillows pay homage to classic styling without allowing any formality. The mixing of metals and finishes is carefully balanced and looks natural not forced.