3 Reasons to Purchase Your Home This Month


Most likely you've seen articles posted about the housing market in your newsfeed and are hearing about it on the news.

With all of the recent coverage - we thought we'd boil it down into 3 simple takeaways on what that means for homebuyers - and why at this very moment it is the most economical time to buy based on rising interest rates and market trends.

1. Interest Rates are Rising
What this means for you: Each month rates are creeping higher - you will not find a lower rate than today. The longer you wait, the higher the rates will climb. Depending on the amount of the mortgage you take out, this could be a difference of thousands per year! (source: Zillow)

2. Rent Continues to Rise
What this means for you: Rent is rising at a faster pace in the last two years than ever before (source: Zillow). As a renter you could easily pay more in rent than you would for an investment in a mortgage to own a home. Plus you're subject to the year over year out of pocket increases - without a return on your investment.

3. Home Values are Rising
What this means for you: The price you see on a home today will be the lowest you will see it. Home prices are only going to rise - so it's best to combine the savings of a lower interest rate and a lower home price, and move as soon as possible to secure the lowest possible of both.
*Bonus: Buying a home in a rising value market gives you instant equity!


Now you've got the facts, and we've got a team of industry experts who will guide you through and make sure you find a home that fits you best. 

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