A Space for Everything (and Everyone) at the Springfield in Veranda

In week three of our mini-blog series on the new, larger home sites available in Veranda, this week’s focus is on the Springfield.


Soaring nine foot ceilings greet you when you enter your new home. And it’s definitely roomy, just shy of 3000 square feet, giving you space for you and all of your guests including 3 ½ baths.  But space is just space unless it’s been thoughtfully designed.  And some things you will really love about this home:

  • Each bedroom has a connected bath so your guests aren’t all sharing (and waiting in line) for the one that’s typically found in the hallway of most homes. 


  • For even more privacy for your guests and more living space dedicated to your needs, you can add a guest suite over the garage.
  • With all of that company you may need a spot just to yourself!  Your studyawaits you as a peaceful place to wind down and escape from the world.

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