Relaxing Porches and Fireflies Remembered at Grandview

Grandview Heights, 1930s Homes2, Lancaster, PA

History on the Gammache farm in Manheim Township has been chronicled locally over the years.  A story appearing in the Sunday News two years ago titled "Life on 'the Gam farm' was good" was told by a woman who had visited the farm in the 1980s when she answered an ad for a tenant farmer.

Her memory is crystal clear and very descriptive of the tenant home with references to its deep window sills, wide plank floors and covered front porches. Character flowed through the home built in the 1700s and is something that has remained.  The above photo was taken circa 1930s in adjacent Grandview Heights featuring bungalow-type homes with those signature covered porches.


When the Gammache farm became available in 2001, Charter Homes & Neighborhoods was hand-picked because of the care, knowledge and understanding shown for the historical nature of the neighborhood. As Charter created what is now Grandview, old-style lamp posts, picket fences and brick walkways pay homage to an earlier time.

And in the new homes you'll see glimpses of that 1700s tenant home with wide-plank floors and welcoming porches, which, as the author says, is "perfect for relaxing on a rocking chair on a warm summer eve, listening to the crickets and watching the fireflies."